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I had a poor finish at the FloBowling PBA Tulsa Open. I needed a rather large round yesterday to make to cash in either the Bear Open or the Tulsa Open. In the first game I had 1 strike in the first 8 frames with 2 opens, a missed 6-10 and a rip 7-10. So I decided to have fun and work on my 2 handed bowling. I finished that game with a turkey, but the next game was my worst score in my PBA bowling with a 123! I did miss one spare that game, the 1-2-4-8 when the ball hooked and hit the 1-2-4 pins but left the 8. I did bowl better the last 4 games shooting a bit under a 200 average for those games. I know that I don't bowl as well 2 handed as 1 handed, but it is actually good (expensive) practice to bowl on tough conditions on lanes that the best bowlers in the world are bowling on. When bowlers see the lane patterns with the blue oil on TV, it may appear that the lane patterns are easy. But believe me they are normally not. Even though there may be less oil on the right and left sides of the lane, the friction may actually be less in those parts of the lane due to a lot of different factors.

I have several clinics in the upcoming days. On Sunday October 21st from 1 - 3:30 pm I will be at Sahoma Lanes in Sapulpa OK. I believe that clinic is full, but if they get enough interest, I will do a 2nd from 4 - 6:30. On Monday I will be at Red Apple Bowling Center in Bartlesville OK from 6 - 8:30 pm. And on Tuesday the 23rd I will be at Northrock Lanes in Wichita KS from 2:30 - 5 pm.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th, I will be pitching horseshoes in a local tournament in Wichita. Hopefully I won't be too cold!

And then next week (Oct 25 - 31) will be the US Open in Wichita KS. Hopefully my game will be much better.

Again, thanks to my sponsors: Brunswick bowling, Ford Driving Skills For Life, Mongoose Real Bowlers Tape, Dexter shoes and Vise Grips.
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It wasn't a very good start to my week in Owasso OK. I finished 56th in the FloBowling PBA Wolf Open. I only had 2 strings over a double for the 12 games. I also had more cross over strikes than I have had in a long time. Even the 2 big strings had a 'Brooklyn' strike in each of them. I need to really get going for the Tulsa championship. I bowl 6 games tomorrow morning and then 6 more on Thursday afternoon. The top 18 bowlers after the 24 games will advance to match play competition on Friday! ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm bowling in the FloBowling PBA Fall Swing in Owasso OK this week. They have cameras on every pair of lanes so you can follow your favorite bowlers during qualifying if you can't make it out to the Lanes at Coffee Creek. I am bowling on B squad this week which bowls 3-6:45 pm local central time today (Monday) and Thursday and 9 am - 12:45 pm tomorrow and Wednesday. Today and tomorrow is on the 33' Wolfe pattern which looks like it will play the very outside of the lane. Wednesday and Thursday will be on the 39' Bear pattern which can be played between 1st and 2nd arrow but will probably move left quickly for the right handers.

And in case you didn't hear there will be a $1,000,000 bonus for a 300 game in 4 of the title matches on Fox sports TV finals next year. That should be exciting.
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So yesterday I bowled in a PBA regional up in Albany GA. Unfortunately I didn't do very well. I missed the cut by 15 pins but I did sneak a Sr check. Drove the 4 hours home and had a birthday dinner with my beautiful wife, Fancy.

Today I went down to Tampa and bowled in a local scratch tournament (BreakBank) at Pin Chasers downtown. It was on a house shot, so I thought I'd get some practice in with my 2 handed bowling. I did OK shooting 955 for the 4 games. I only had 3 horrible shots which is an improvement. If I can eliminate those horrible shots I might be able to compete with the young guys. I did finish 3rd about 30 pins out of 1st.

Next week I will be bowling in Owasso OK in the PBA Fall swing and then onto Wichita KS. I do have a couple of clinics scheduled for OK and KS and am working on a couple more.
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1 month ago

Walter Ray Williams Jr

An interview after my win this past weekend.

Brunswick Bowling
Walter Ray Williams Jr discusses keys to his success and what helps him win and stay competitive. He just took home the πŸ† this weekend at the PBA50 Storm Invitational in NC!
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This weekend I won the PBA50 Storm Invitational at Planet Fun Bowling & Entertainment Center in Shallotte NC this past weekend. The top 12 players from the PBA50 tour point list and 2 invitees, Johnny Petraglia and Brian Voss competed in 14 games of round robin competition over 2 days. The top 5 bowled in step-ladder matches shown on FloBowling. I was seeded 2nd behind Norm Duke. Fortunately I had some great carry in the step ladder matches and came out on top. I have been bowling pretty well the past month and it was nice to finish the month off with a big win! I used a scuffed up Creed Rebellion for the first 5 games of the tournament and then used a more polished Turmoil (thanks Chuck Gardner) for the rest of the tournament. Thanks to my sponsors: Brunswick, Ford Driving Skills For Life, Mongoose Real Bowlers Tape, Dexter and Vise. This coming up weekend I'll be bowling in a PBA regional in Albany NY. The following weekend I'll be up in Owasso OK for the PBA Fall Swing followed by the US Open in Wichita KS. I'm also working on setting up some clinics in the OK-KS area.


Whatever you call him, he's $10k richer after winning the first-ever PBA50 Storm Invitational πŸ’°πŸ†

πŸ”Šon for his wife Fancy's cheering πŸ™Œ
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This past weekend the PBA regional was cancelled up in Hampton VA due to Hurricane Florence. Fortunately they didn't get hit too hard, but North Carolina was hit really hard.

I ended up pitching in a horseshoe tournament on Saturday in St. Cloud Florida. I had only pitched a few times since the world tournament 2 months ago and ended up having my lowest ringer percentage of the year with 62.4%. Based on my schedule for this year, it doesn't look like I'll be in another horseshoe tournament until next year as most of my weekends are busy bowling.

On Sunday I went to the SBA (a local senior group) tournament in Mt. Dora Florida. The pattern was Easy Street which played fairly easy for me. I started with an 826 the first 3 games and ended up leading after the 6 games with over a 251 average. The top 3 bowlers, myself, Brian Tinsley, and Chuck Richardson bowled one game together to decide the final 3 spots. Our scores were not as high in that last game as I had 202, Richardson had 195 and Tinsley had 188. Thanks to Bob Janego for running the tournament and Mt. Dora Lanes for hosting us. I used the white Quantum Bias every game.

This coming weekend is the PBA50 regional in Canton GA. Hopefully I can bowl as well as I have the past few tournaments and give host Stoney Baker some good competition.
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